Libraries (in Islamic Azad University, Qaemshahr Branch) are rich in books, journals, and scientific resources. There is a specialized library in each faculty. The library has different sections. One of its most used sections is the electronic library section. In this section, you can access CDs, DVDs, and files of scientific sources. Theses (Ph.D. and MSc) and research projects sections are also important sections of the library. Files and hard copies of theses and research projects are available for use by researchers.

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World class facilities

Some facilities of Mazandaran Azad University

  • Islamic Azad University of Qaemshahr excels in the quality of education and research.

    International focus: Attracting and accepting students from all over the world – Developing international scientific cooperation

Providing educational services – Development of education and research – Solving the problems of industry and society.

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Achieving the level of knowledge and skills of graduates tailored to the business market

Continuous improvement and promotion of university education and research by attracting specialized faculty members, upgrading workshops and laboratories.

Commercialization of research achievements by strengthening and expanding knowledge-based companies and research centers

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