Thracian Waterfall

Lefebvre is like a miracle in the heart of Mazandaran. A legendary forest with millions of years old trees, beautiful rivers, happy and lively springs and a sky that knows how to charm all four seasons. Although once again your path to Lefebvre and its beauties, you will find a new miracle in the heart of these pristine and beautiful forests, perhaps the birth of a new spring or the song of a rare bird or the visit of a unique tree, Lefebvre is a miracle in a miracle.Mazandaran, with its spoils such as Lefort, Caspian and Alborz, is a dream land that fortunately every time we take refuge in its arms, it will steal our eyes and hearts with a new trick. For many years, the name of this land has been associated with pure experiences of nature tourism and forest climbing, and like an fascinating revelation, it has immersed us in the depths of this mythical land. Amidst the many attractions and colors of this vast and historical land, this time we go to Lefebvre under the pretext of seeing waterfalls that are hidden somewhere in the heart of the forest like the seven famous dwarf stories. The seven waterfalls of Tirkan in the heart of the forests of Lefort are the destination of our trip. If you want to stay in this green and imaginative area, you can visit the eco-lodge of Adel Cottage or spend a magical night in Babylon hotels.

Savadkuh waterfall

Haft Savadkuh waterfall is one of the most spectacular and unique places in Mazandaran province, Savadkuh city, which is located in Lefour forest near Tirkan village. Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful attractions, especially in summer, when you escape the summer heat and take refuge in the waterfalls.Seven Savadkuh waterfalls are located near the city of Savadkuh and they are forty million years old. As the name implies, the complex of seven large and small stepped waterfalls has created this beautiful attraction. This area is located near the village of Tirkan in the Darazkola district and for this reason it is also known as the seven waterfalls of Tirkan. The beautiful forests around the waterfall with its rivers have added to the beauty of this area. Watching the waterfalls in this pristine nature will create indescribable peace for you. The height of the highest waterfall reaches 9 meters and the pool below it is very suitable for swimming and swimming. The pastures around the village of Tirkan near the waterfalls and the Lefour forest are called “Kalbakosht” and are one of the greenest pastures in the north with beautiful nature.The forests around the seven Tirkan waterfalls are about 22,000 km long. The whole area is covered with hornbeam, kahlo, maple, alder and azalea trees. Unfortunately, some plant species in this forest have become extinct due to some kind of pest.

Northern forests

The best forests of Iran in the green areas of the Caspian Sea with pristine and amazing areas, has made northern Iran one of the most popular destinations for travelers. Iran’s nature is famous for its unique forests, which have earned the title of green gold mines. Nature tourism in Iran is a four-season entertainment for nature lovers and forests of northern Iran, a pleasant destination for any passerby. The forest is the best place to escape from the daily hustle and bustle and take refuge to relax; Also, the freshness of rivers, mountains, waterfalls, streams and towering trees have created such tranquility in nature that The nature of Iran is considered one of the best in the world. Include a trip to nature in your list of Iran tourism programs and enjoy camping in nature to the fullest. In this article, we want to introduce the most famous forests of northern Iran for a pleasant trip, so join us …

Caspian coast

Its beautiful seas and beaches are one of the most attractive elements of nature. Many people from all over the world go to the seas on certain days of the year, especially in summer, to enjoy the natural beauty and variety of sea games. Our beloved country Iran has not been deprived of this unique blessing of God and has placed two seas in its northern and southern parts. The Caspian Sea is one of the tourist attractions of the northern provinces of our country, which annually attracts many travelers from all over Iran. People who travel north to watch the Caspian Sea are always looking for the best beaches. Secluded and secluded beaches where they can sit for hours and enjoy the sound of the sea.

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